What does A Woman Really Want When Having Sex With The Man Of Her Dreams?

Contrary to popular belief, all sex is not good sex. What does a woman really want when making love to the man of her dreams?

This is the best-kept secret in a woman’s world and sometimes even kept a secret from the woman herself. That’s the mystery and the beauty of Lady Luna Orgasm.

Sometimes things are not what they seem. I think we may have all heard this at one point in our life. You can’t judge a book by its cover. First impressions are not always accurate. You could throw just about any cliché there is into this concept, and it would be true to some extent.

Yes, sometimes things are not what they seem, but sometimes they are exactly what they seem. Sometimes it really is that simple, beautiful and easy. Some things are not quite so hard to grasp.

The female orgasm is one of these things. The anatomy of the woman is on the inside. The clitoris is on the outside, but the woman’s anatomy is not easy to access. A man’s anatomy is located on the outside and when a man is aroused, it’s obvious. A woman? Not so much.

Every book or program or article about the way to achieve the female orgasm, or how to perfect the “technique,” or how to make her come every time, is just ridiculous, because it is missing the point entirely.

If nature had meant for it to be so easy, than perhaps the female anatomy would be on the outside as well. But it is not. So, why do we fight this? Why do we feel that we need to “fix” this, be in control of it or change it?

The whole point of this beautiful, simple phenomenon of the way the female body moves is just that: a mystery. A beautiful, heady, intense, cloudy, luscious mystery. Embrace it! There is power in the mystery.

You don’t need to learn how to achieve some trade secret so your lover can reach orgasm. You don’t need to try all the “techniques” you can. Fall in love with the little mysteries of her body. Her body has all these beautiful little sweet spots, all these desperate, rich, little delicious secrets. Fall in love with them. Let her reveal them to you. Indulge in those wonderful little secrets her body is tempting you with and don’t let anyone, not the sex “experts,” not the beauty and fashion magazines, not other women and not other men tell you otherwise.

The fix-her-up-project on the female orgasm, the female mystery, needs to be put to rest. These books and programs and articles take the mystery out of it. And all of this sex education is hiding one fundamental fact: that we are just not comfortable with the mystery. We get frustrated with the mystery, men and women alike. It makes women feel like they are broken or that there is something wrong with them. It makes men feel like they are inadequate or not good enough, not trying hard enough. Ah, but don’t worry! We will fix you! Buy this book or this program! Ugh!

If nature intended for it to be an easy trick for a woman to reach orgasm, then why are the secrets to her whole intimate world on the inside of her body, where no one, not her lover, not even she, can see? Because the true power of the woman lies in her mystery, that natural way that her hair brushes her skin, that enchants not just the one who sees her but even herself.

All you need to do is listen to her body and be brave enough to accept the fact that you may not get her to orgasm right away, or every single time. Chill out and relax. If you do, I promise you, she will.  A lot of the time, women fake their orgasms because they know how much their climax matters to you. If you let it go, she’ll let it go, and then it may just surprise you that it is the easiest it has ever been to reach climax. There is nothing appealing about trying too hard. It has got to be natural. If you are trying too hard and can’t get her to climax, she is not thinking, that you are inadequate. She is thinking that you don’t get her; you don’t understand her. This is so much worse. If you listen to her body and she still doesn’t climax, she isn’t going to think you are inadequate. She is going to feel connected to you. The communication between you and her body has now opened up. She understands how her body works better than you do. She knows how tricky it is. She isn’t going to condemn you. She will be anticipating the next time and what will come.

The way a woman enchants with her body is like the moon. Ever so slowly, she builds her light. Lady Luna waxes slowly as the days pass. In the presence of the stars she fills the sky a little bit more. She grows a little more breathtaking with each passing night that her light shines more, building her life essence. As she does, she builds her capacity to captivate.

Lady Luna draws in lovers. She haunts the broken-hearted. She captivates the artist with his guitar who longs for her kiss. And those last few nights, when she is almost full, the whole world holds its breath, anticipating the full moon that is soon to come. It anticipates how much more beautiful she will be this time than the first time she was seen in her full glory, glowing like a spotlight on the world.

And then, just as she came in secret, her light slowly fades, waning, over the coming days. Her fading light is sometimes even more intoxicating than when it was building, with its slow, gentle fade. Her breath becomes normal, her eyes cloud over and then are clear. She is beautiful, even as her feminine mystique fades from the world into darkness, back into unexplored mystery.

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