Why Do Women Yell (scream) During Sex?

There are so many answers to the above question, depending on a woman’s perspective. Women yell during sex for several different reasons, both positive and negative. Sometimes, depending on the size of the man, he may be filling a woman’s insides completely, touching every wall, to the point where she can’t help but moan or make a vocal reaction.

Whether or not women yell during sex depends on the relationship. I, for one, am completely turned on by my guy. Just his look, touch and sex appeal are so strong that any time I am with him, I want to feel him inside of me completely. I want to feel his touch and his affection. Therefore, I express that feeling during sexual intercourse.

But some women fake the funk! You can tell when a woman is faking it and not really enjoying it. She is either way too loud or all she is doing is yelling and screaming. During sex, if a woman is completely into it, screaming isn’t the only thing she is going to do.

Besides screaming, she is going to ask nasty questions like “whose p*@&% is this?,” call her man “daddy,” turn him on with words or fantasies and ask what else he wants to do to her. She might also express herself by biting or pulling the sheets, biting the pillow or hell, biting him!

Women scream because they want their man to feel superior, like he is running the show.

Screaming is encouragement, in a sense, to get what they want in bed or outside of bed. Women scream because they are in love, and this is the time when they can let it all out and attract and turn on their man at the same time. And on another note, sometimes the d*** just hurts!

The guy is so into it, and if the female is feeling him in that way, she doesn’t want him to stop because she is aroused simply by pleasing him. So she just takes it. Therefore, yelling and/or screaming is enhanced. When something is inside of a woman, she can’t help but make some type of noise, either a sexy moan or groan or just yelling.

When women yell the entire time, they are over the top and not enjoying it. Don’t get me wrong–I get to my yelling stage, but it definitely does not start out that way. For most women, it starts with the typical moan when the man first goes inside of her. That’s the best feeling: the initial entrance. To a woman, there is nothing better than having sex with a man she is really into, cares for or loves. Of course, there is sex for the sake of sex, when she is trying to get off the same as the guy, but it’s not as fulfilling. But to some women, it is. That’s where it’s pretty much a show. She knows what she is there for, and he knows what he is there for.

Fear of the phoneI, personally, yell because I am feeling it in every aspect with my man. I am moaning because he is all over me, pleasing me, kissing me, making me feel safe and secure. I moan when he c&*s, because that look or reaction, when I know I did that, is like no other. Different positions will have a woman yell as well, because the way she is positioned will feel a certain way, whether good or awkward. Women yell to get their man going as well, and pump him up. Yeah, it feels good, but they also like looking in their man’s face and knowing that this p*@&% is good.

We like hearing that as well. Women yell or ask questions during sex because we also want to hear our man moan or groan. We want to hear him say it’s his. We want to hear that this is the best p*@&% ever, or whatever the verbal equivalent of his emotions are. We want to know that we are making our man feel. We want to know that we are pleasing our man. (All Vaginas Are Not Sexually Pleasing to the Male Species as Assumed)

I also like nasty sex, which enhances screaming. It’s that aggressive, authority type of sex. Sometimes, a woman just wants a man to throw her against the wall and just take it, to hear him say, “Give me that p*@&%.” She wants him to take control. I’ll tease my man, like “You gotta ask for this,” and he’ll look at me like, “Please, this p*@&% is mine and I’m going to get it when I want.”

For whatever reason, that turns me on, because it makes me feel secure. I like to know, “Daddy, little mama is yours.” I’ve also faked it, too, just to get it over with, either when dealing with a man with whom the sex is routine and I haven’t figured out a way to break ties, or he is just terrible in bed and I don’t want to hurt his feelings.

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  1. emmanuel agblah says:

    my gf always shout even when licking her pussy. why? Is it normal

  2. How To Get The Woman Of Your Dreams says:

    Thanks interesting, but not the norm… usually moaning and groaning is the norm.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

  3. Prosperock says:

    I need a girl friend who can make me happy

  4. How To Get The Woman Of Your Dreams says:

    In life in order to attract a girl who will make you happy, you have to be happy with yourself. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I love it when my girl moan it makes me feel amazing

  6. I thought I was frigid till I met my present boyfriend.I now feel things I didn’t feel during sex.I scream his name when he gives me inner thigh kisses and blowjobs.Sex with him is out-of -this world pleasurable.I tried reducing the volume of my screams but I couldn’t.I hope I’m not wierd?

  7. How To Get The Woman Of Your Dreams says:

    Not weird at all, just perfect so long as your not getting complaints from your neighbors 🙂

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