Are There Different Types of Female Orgasms?

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Are There Different Types of Female Orgasms?

The answer is yes! But there is good news and bad news to knowing a woman can have orgasms from different parts of the body. The major plus is, you could potentially rock your partner's world if you are able to find all these … [Read more...]

What Makes a Man a Really Good Sex Partner?

Sex is almost like a fine wine; it just gets better with time and age. It is the same with men and sex. Most men, in the beginning of their sexual history, are inexperienced but always trying to figure out new methods to help … [Read more...]

How Do You Bring The Freak Out In A Nice Conservative Lady?

The dating world is hard enough, but dating a lady that is conservative can be even harder. Conservative women are generally not comfortable with themselves sexually and feel as though certain sexual acts are dirty or only … [Read more...]

What Are The 7 Signs To Tell Whether A Woman Sees You As Husband Or Just A Good Sex Partner?

Determining your status with a woman you are dating can be important if you are thinking about taking the relationship further. It can also be a great way to figure out what your next move should be. You need to figure out … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Woman to Give You Better Oral Sex

How to get your woman to give you better oral sex For some women, giving oral sex can be a chore or unpleasant, because they just don't like it or don't know enough about how to give good oral sex to their partner. This … [Read more...]

How Important Is It To Be Equally Yoked in a Relationship? Part II

How important is it for a woman to share the same values with the man of her dreams? This is a fallacy. The concept of two people being equally yoked, or equally matched, doesn’t exist. It’s not possible. This is something … [Read more...]

Why Do Women Treat Some Men Like Kings and Other Men like Whores?

Unfortunately, if you are a man in today's society, money is the root to all evil. Women are seeking stability and someone to endure the financial burden. Therefore, if you don’t make a great deal of money, you might be … [Read more...]

Garters Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds? Isn't that how the phrase goes? "Diamond's are a girl's best friend?" What about the little black dress? Heels? Hoop earrings? What other beauty cliches are there? And what do they mean? Sexy, right? Special, right? … [Read more...]

5 Clues to Finding a Woman’s Inner Slut

When you start to date a woman and she seems fairly stuffy, as though she might not have the inner freak you were hoping for, it can put a damper on the relationship. The first thing you must assess is what kind of sex she … [Read more...]

How Do You Detect a Woman Who Is A Street-Smart Relationship Manipulator And Taker?

What is really on her mind concerning men and the role they play in her life? Dating is hard enough, but when you know there are types of women you have to watch out for, you can almost think twice about it. When you join … [Read more...]