Why Do Women No Longer Want To Cook?

Why Do Women No Longer Want To Cook?

Some old-fashioned men are wondering why it is so hard these days to find an old-fashioned gal. Have you been trying for years to find a nice lady with traditional morals,one who would love to make your house a home by maintaining it, taking care of the kids and tending to all of the kitchen duties? Finding a woman like this is undoubtedly hard to do. One of the reasons Susie Homemaker is so scarce is because little girls are being raised by single parents. They then grow into women that have been taught to be financially independent and to take care of themselves. If you yourself were brought up in a single-parent household, you understand this.

Single Women In Their 20s

When these little girls grow up, their aspiration is to have it all. Most young women realize that in order to be a success and increase their confidence, they must work hard. These ladies also realize they must seek a partner in crime with the same goals. They understand that finding a mate who wants a stay-at-home wife and mother is not their ideal situation. At the same time, there are fewer men seeking women who are content to stay in the kitchen

All women have experienced disappointment with men. For them, an intense passion to be independent has taken over. Many women have become a great success in the business world, ending up in top positions at amazing companies. They have really built a name for themselves and are respected. Even so, some of them still wish they could maintain that balance of family, household and career. It is just so hard to do.


Another important reason for why women don’t want to even set foot in a kitchen is because they have heard men’s harsh comments about women being barefoot and pregnant, or belonging in the kitchen. These put-downs have really driven a wedge between women and cooking. No woman ever wants to feel like a doormat. For some, being in the kitchen might feel like a step down. These days, a man cannot expect a woman to cater to his every need or cook elaborate meals on a regular basis. Of course, there are still men who expect this, but most of them are single, lonely and still looking for a mate. It is simply unrealistic to expect to find a woman with all the amazing qualities you seek and who also has time to serve a full five-course meal each night. You need to find a balance if you are thinking of moving in together, by making sure you communicate about cooking. Some women love to cook but don’t have the time. If cooking and sitting down to dinner each night is something important to your relationship with your mate, then you need to work out a plan that is fair to both parties.

Let’s face it, some of the best time couples spend together is relaxing and eating a meal. It is a great time to chill out and talk about the day and how things are going. Mealtime should never be about who is cooking dinner but about the time you spend with each other. You might think about creating a cooking schedule so that each person takes turns, or focusing more on the meal rather than who cooks. If there is a great deal of emphasis on who is cooking the meal, your precious quality time might end up becoming a huge shitstorm of resentment. It isn’t worth it, so always think twice about making a big deal about something so petty. Instead, focus on enjoying and preserving your quality time after a long day at the office.

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    Thank you for your honesty.


  1. Moving on, I am not Bettye Crocker. I work. I work because I love my job. I have a career. The last thing I want to do when I get home from work is cook AND THEN clean up my kitchen. I like to eat. I like to eat food other people cook, but I don’t like to do it myself. If I am on vacation or on say a two week holiday break, I may get a wild hair and cook a gourmet meal. This happens rarely. I could cook if I wanted to, but I don’t want to do so. Cooking for me is inserting the Lean Cuisine into the microwave, mashing 3:30 and finding a fork. All I have to do is wash my fork when I am done. I once told my son that I was not cooking tonight. By that I meant I wasn’t putting spaghetti into the microwave and mashing 60.

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