How To Keep The Attention Of The Woman You Are Dating 101?

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Women are tough to read at times. We can be happy one moment and sad the next, never fully understanding quite why we just jumped from one emotion to another. Therefore, it easily said that it’s tough for men keep up with our ever changing emotions. You never know what to expect next. So, you ask, how do you keep our attention when our moods swing all over the place? It’s simple and I will lay it out to you in 5 steps. Follow these and you will be a professional dater in no time.
1) Don’t let things get stale. Keep us on our toes at all times.

No, this does not mean jump out at us to scare us from a dark corner to keep us on our toes. I mean ‘keep us on our toes’ as in surprise us once in awhile. Is our pattern to normally come home from work, kick off our shoes and relax on the couch with a movie to unwind? Instead, try surprising us with dinner already being made, or change it up with a movie out instead of staying in. The key to a successful and long lasting happy relationship is to keep the romance alive and not just alive in the bedroom. However…
2) Do try something new in bed.

In saying that, you can’t keep using the same old tricks and expect us to be wowed the same way every time. Try spicing it up a little! Try a new position. Shock us with your flexibility. Bring items into play. Whatever it is that you choose we will love! Just don’t be boring. If every position is the same it always has been for the last 4 years, we will soon lose our sex drive and you will in turn lose our attention.

3) Show us that you can carry the load too.

By this statement, I mean, in simple terms… share the chore load. If you two live together, try doing the laundry or dishes every other week to take some stress off of your significant other. If you already do this, try swapping chores with them, or take some items off their shoulders to ease their day. For example, are they constantly chasing the kids around post workday? Try suggesting that you stay in to watch them while they go out for some quality time with their closest friends. Little moves such as these make the biggest differences in a relationship.

4) Don’t let yourself go

We like to be impressed. Whether it has been 2 months or 2 years, it doesn’t matter. We still like knowing that you care about your appearance and general hygiene. We have no plans of letting ourselves go no matter how comfortable we are in the relationship, and we expect the same of you. So, if you don’t want to be surprised one day by a large patch of hair that was otherwise never existent in certain areas on our bodies, please use each day as if it were the first few weeks of us still dating and shower and shave and we promise to reciprocate the favor.

member-deal-ad5) Treat every day as though it could be the last with us

No, I don’t mean this in a morbid way. I mean, treat us as though the thought of you losing us is unbearable. Aka, treat us like a princess. No, we are all not high maintenance, but we do all like to be spoiled once in awhile, no matter how laid back our personalities may be. It could be as simple as showing us you care with some PDA. Show us you’re thinking about us today with a small text to say ‘hello’ or ‘I love you’. It’s the little things that catch us off guard and continuously remind us of just how lucky we are to have you. It shows that all of our efforts too, don’t go unnoticed. It shows us that you wouldn’t be able to function in a day-to-day routine without us. Making us feel as though we are not only irreplaceable but cherished is a sure fire way to keep our attention as well as the flame going for months and even years to come.

As you can see, although we may have a deceiving exterior, it doesn’t take much to keep a woman. In reality, it is much harder to catch us than to keep us. And in saying that, we like to play games during the dating scene, but when you lock us down in a relationship, we prefer the stability. And, if you follow these few rules, you will have no troubles at all keeping our attention and guaranteeing that we are the one and only for you for years to come.

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