10 Illusions Women Use to Fool Men About Their Appearance

Have you ever heard the saying, “Fake it ‘til you make it?” A lot of women fake being a princess until they actually become one. They’ll make you believe they’re already in very high demand, everybody wants them, and they get everything they want. That’s how they get you to give them all their attention, to want them, and give them everything they want. Yup—women can have tricks up their sleeves. Here are the top ten illusions women use to trick men about their appearance or status.

1. Bragging about past rich boyfriends

They’ll talk about it like it’s “no big deal” but they’ll tell you all about the time they were staying in this penthouse in Aspen with their last boyfriend. They’ll casually mention the time they were yachting in the Bahamas with a summer fling. They pretend that stuff doesn’t matter to them, but they make a point of bringing it up so that you know what they’ve experienced. They want you to aspire to give them that same treatment. They want you to feel intimidated.

2. Flirting their way to special treatment

How does a woman become VIP anywhere she goes? Flirt with the staff. Some women have a way of making everybody feel like they want them. Professional flirts know how to make any man believe that they have a chance with them. And when men think they have a chance to get with a gorgeous woman, they’ll do just about anything for her. So some women flirt with the staff at every restaurant, bar, etc. because when they go back, they get to skip the line, they get the best table, they get free drinks, etc. They make you believe they’re VIP.

3. Talking about their admirers

Women will subtly drop lines like, “Ugh. This guy who is obsessed with me keeps trying to buy me gifts” or “It’s so annoying when some guys just won’t give up—it’s like stop it already.” They want you to believe they have droves of men dying to be with them.

4. Taking pictures with luxury

The trickiest of women will take a picture with every yacht, champagne bottle, Ferrari or chandelier they come into contact with. They post this on their social media, and suddenly you believe they live a life of luxury. Now you think if you want to get with them, you have to provide that same luxury.

5. Manipulating their curves

member-deal-adI hate to be the one to say it, but a lot of women with enormous breasts also have a little extra tummy, a little flab on the arms, and a little extra weight in general. But they manipulate their curves: they wear tops that plunge low, shoving out that cleavage, but covering up their stomachs and arms. They take photos at an angle that make them look skinny with huge breasts/butt.

6. Pretending to be busy

Women can give you the illusion that they’re in high demand by pretending to be busy. Any time you ask them to go out, they say, “I don’t know. I’ll have to check my calendar…” This way you think if you don’t act fast, somebody else will snatch them up.

7. Shapewear

Shapewear is a woman’s best friend and perhaps a man’s nightmare: shapewear allows a woman to make her body look however she wants. It’s a lie in the form of cloth. Shapewear can make a woman’s waist look four inches smaller; it can make her saggy breasts look perky, and her flat butt look plump. When she takes it off, you don’t even recognize that woman anymore.

8. Being highly critical of the man

What better way to get a man to crave your approval than to disapprove of him? A lot of women use the tactic of constantly criticizing a man’s clothes, his car, his home, his job, etc. He’s too busy trying to improve himself to realize that that woman isn’t exactly perfect.

9. Always checking their phone

Women who want you to think they’re in high demand are always on their phone. At dinner, at a party, at a penthouse event, they’re on their phones. They want you to think they always have a hundred better places to be so this better be worth their time.

10. Maintain mystery

And finally, women who are the best at lying about their status or appearance maintain a lot of mystery. They allude at the fact that maybe they’ve had threesomes, that maybe they slept with a celebrity, and that maybe they give the best blowjobs on the planet. They’re always planting little ideas in your head that drive you crazy. They’re teases, though: if you commit to a relationship with them, they’re probably not going to have a threesome with you and their blow jobs are probably average. It was all an illusion after all.

If you’re the type of guy who wants a princess, now you know just how to spot one. If you want a sane woman, stay away from anyone who does any of the above-listed things.

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