A Diary of a Gigolette

An interview with Ms. Kitty Cat, a former Gigolette

Let’s first start by defining “Gigolette.” Have you ever heard of a Gigolo? A Gigolo is defined by as a “a male prostitute equivalent to a high-class call girl; gigolos service wealthy women…”; it’s defined by Webster’s as a “a man kept by a woman as a lover and supported financially.” A Gigolette is the female version of a Gigolo.

(Preview: the best way to cleanse yourself of your sins is to help others!)

Let’s go inside the mind of a Gigolette:

HTGTMOYD: Ms. Kitty, how did you become a Gigolette?

Ms. Kitty Cat: I had a good job in the medical field; however, I always wanted men and their attention. Eventually, I learned how to put men under my spell and had so many men coming at me like honey on a piece of bread because I had confidence in myself, and every man wants a woman with confidence. I exuded confidence from my walk to my smile. There is nothing extraordinary about me except my belief in myself. People are attracted to me because I am happy both within myself and with the fact that I live life according to my plan.

After I broke up with the MOYD who had given me everything, my neighbor informed me that a gentleman who had been asking about me for six months was interested in dating me. So I dressed up and went out to dinner. During the course of the dinner conversation when he was asking how to reach me further, I disclosed that unfortunately my phone was about to get cut off. Later that evening when he dropped me off at home, he gave me a little box as a present to take with me. When I later opened the box, I discovered it had $1000.00 in it. I was conflicted and pissed off that this man thought he could buy me. So I called him and told him to come get his money, but he explained that he was just trying to help me. So I called grandma to tell her what happened: Grandma’s advice was “Honey, if you don’t want the money, bring to me.” (Grandma was a pimp!) To say the least, Grandma took me to Gigolette school that day. She explained, “Don’t ever let me find out that a man took you to McDonald’s and you gave him the CAT!” The CAT (vagina) is worth more than millions of dollars — it’s priceless. So Grandma said, “Keep the money”. Grandma told me when you don’t give a man sex he will give you everything; however, when you give a man sex he will limit the money he gives you. (HTGTMOYD must make the remark that this does apply to most men — but not all). Thus, this was the beginning of me becoming a Gigolette.

HTGTMOYD: What is the key to being able to persuade men of just about any talent pool to give you what you want?

Ms. Kitty: You have to set your standards high for what you want. Women hold all of the cards because they have what men are most curious about: the Vajajay! (How do You Know if you Have the Bomb-Dot-Com Vajajay?) The standards a woman sets in the beginning of a relationship with a man continue to dictate how she will be treated in the end. If you give a man boundaries, then he will know to abide within those boundaries until you say otherwise. This is the power of a woman in American society. However, if you do not set up boundaries for the man, then you are subject to any kind of treatment. Today you are with him and tomorrow you find yourself in a threesome. “Know what you want in order to get what you want, and don’t accept less within reason.”

HTGTMOYD: What does an artisan such as yourself know about men, that you are able to get them to give you all the material desires of your heart?

Ms. Kitty: I told a beautiful daughter who is now in her mid twenties, “Honey, I would have a man for everything: one to make me feel good (Mr. Feel Good) and a man to pay my bills. I classify men into five categories and I have a man for each.

1. A man I call my man
2. Friend
3. Man that gives me money
4. A man that I just talk to
5. Mr. Feel Good

member-deal-adA Gigolette is the most challenging of women because she knows a man’s strengths and weaknesses often better than he knows them himself. You first rule of thumb is to always listen to what a man is telling you, and accept him for just who he says he is – don’t try to change him.  The second rule of thumb is to not give up the Vajajay right away. Remember Grandma said as long as you hold back the sex, men will give you all of their money, but once you have sex, they will limit the money they give you. Yes, Grandma, to say the least, was an old pimp! (What’s even more funny is that Grandma had a son who was hooked on this girl, and Grandma could not figure out why until she realized that this woman, too, was a Gigolette.)

All men are basically the same and all men can be trained and tamed. If you put a welcome mat outside your front door and allow a man to walk on that mat, he will treat you by the standards you first introduced and allowed. If you present yourself as a whore, you will be treated as a whore, but if you present yourself as a strong woman with boundaries, a man will stay within the boundaries you allow.

HTGTMOYD: How can a man win the heart of a Gigolette?

Ms. Kitty: This is so important – for men, especially – to understand about women in general; either you have substance or you don’t. A man can have the biggest dick and give the best sex, but if he cannot stimulate my mind, then he will never truly have me or just about any other woman with common sense. The key to getting the heart of a Gigolette is through her mind. Women are so advanced today that they know how to turn themselves off and on and flip the love spell on you, but even a sex goddess, a Gigolette, is defenseless against a man who can truly get into her mind.

HTGTMOYD: Your father was absent from your life. What role do you think that played in your developing attitude toward men and your identity as a Gigolette?

Ms. Kitty: I believe my father would have been honest with me about accepting gifts from a man I did not love.

HTGTMOYD: Did you ever find what you were looking for?

Ms. Kitty: Up to this very moment, I have yet to attract a man with the substance and love I truly desire. I even gave up being a Gigolette because I thought I had attracted a man who had this substance, but in the end, he was really just a reflection of my former self. It was he who helped me give up the idea of being a Gigolette, not knowing that he was an undercover Gigolo!

[end interview]

Here is my conclusion, what I found to be most interesting from interviewing Ms. Kitty. Although she grew up without a father (How does failed relationship with her father affect her relationships with men) and poor, she learned from her grandma how to get and accept all of the material possessions she desired from the five types of men she kept in her back pocket by using her Vajajay. Grandma’s words were clear!

The problem with Grandma’s advice is that it didn’t count on emotionally fulfilling Ms Kitty. When she even tried to change her Gigolette ways, she found misery instead of love. Life gave her back the lessons she had put out! The laws of cause and affect (otherwise known as karma) play out in the laws of attraction: we never get away with anything. We always attract what we put out, whether it be positive or negative. These natural laws of God are inescapable. This is why it is imperative that each day, we do our best to not only learn from our mistakes, but to give back a hundred times over what we have taken from another person. Ms. Kitty’s life might have sounded fun to many empty young women who seek fame, fortune, and riches, but even after receiving all of these material possessions from men, she still was still left with an unfulfilled heart.

Gentlemen, the way to get what you want is to first clearly define it, write it down on white paper in blue ink, and then ask God (whom some modernists today call infinite intelligence) to bless you with it. This is how I got the woman of my dreams. I am giving away the jewels because at the end of the day, I have to give back what I have taken and I want you to be happy. I want that daughter or son that you are teaching right now to be happy, because he or she just might one day be the one who dates my sons and daughters and I want them to be happy, too. So you see, it is a trickledown effect.

Grandma was trying to look out for Ms. Kitty’s financial welfare, but her advice did not lead to her granddaughter’s fulfillment. Ms. Kitty’s first thought within her spirit was to give the money back because she was right: there are no free lunches (Why the Concept of Free does not exist in a Successful Relationship). Although she had men under her spell, and she had physical confidence, she did not have company in her heart. Out of all those men who were attracted to her, not one brought with him the substance she desired.

Ladies, only God can give you that.

Like I always tell my buddies, don’t spend time with women in places you don’t need to be just because she is willing to have sex. While you were wasting your time chasing down that body, the Women of Your Dreams just walked by. And you didn’t notice her.

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