Who Makes A Better Sex Partner, A Vegan Or Meat Eater?

Fotolia_93507194_XS2An interesting question, and here is something amazing I discovered! Numerous people are clueless to or just flat out don’t remember who in their sexual history was vegetarian or not. What does that say about our hot-in-the pants society, when you can have had a whole sexual experience with another human being and cannot even remember what the person’s eating habits were? Gives new meaning to the phrase, “you could have at least taken me to dinner first!”

But let’s see what those who could remember had to say:

Ms. Williams, 35 years on the planet, says in regards to her most memorable sexual experiences that both the vegetarian and meat eater were amazing in bed; however, most amazing sex was with a vegetarian man.

Ms. Williams: What made him so amazing was his free spirit and open mind, and the fact that he was so tune with himself and did not care what other people thought of him. I think that’s what made the sex amazing. He was much like myself. You have to be tune with yourself in order to be in tune with someone else.

Ricco, 57 years on the planet: From a male’s point of view, I would think that meat eaters do it better because they are less apprehensive and therefore less conscious.”

Julie, 35 years on the planet: An astounding YES, vegetarians have better SEX. But after second thoughts, I don’t think I have really been with a vegetarian.

Kenard, 42 years on the planet: It’s not just based on diet, but I will say your body is your temple: whatever you put in your body is either going to help you or harm you. Whatever you eat will reflect in your output. If you put dead animals in your body, then the result will be death and that of a lower vibration and output. However, it is all about balance, whether you be a vegetarian or meat eater. Food is a form of energy, and knowing how to eat a balanced diet is the key to a balanced life, which, of course, includes your sex life. In our modern times, you have to read between the lines, and understand it’s not all about what they tell you that you need to know; it’s what they do not tell you that you need to pay attention to. Is milk good for your body? It’s good for some, but not for all. Know thyself.

Ms. Vegan of LA, 40+ years on the planet: Of course vegans do it better! However, I have never had sex with a vegan man. But what you eat has a lot to do with your aggression.

HTGTMOYD: Yes, and sometimes a man needs that aggression, especially during sex. Women want a man in bed, not a flower.

Ms. Vegan: I know many women may be afraid to admit that and give up the power, but most women want a man who can handle it. So in that case, maybe he should have a little meat in his diet! However, I think that men who eat a lot of meat will give you a quickie with a lot of punch and with no stamina, and leave a sister craving more. On a technical level, heavy consumption of animal and dairy products actually constricts blood flow, which ultimately has to do with how hard a man’s penis gets and how long it stays erect.

HTGTMOYD: Ms. Vegan of LA, you seem to be pretty well versed about sucking a man’s meat! Does that mean you’re still a strict vegan?

Ms. Vegan: Ohhhhh, you are so right! [laughs] However, oral sex is not the consumption of meat and no human being is technically being slaughtered unmercifully during sex. So that doesn’t count, smarty!
But all jokes aside and back to business: on a serious note, through the consumption of meat you are actually taking on the trauma and fear of the animal being slaughtered.

HTGTMOYD: I will agree to disagree with your statement in just this one point. The Bible states in the book of Deuteronomy 12:23, “But be sure you do not eat the blood, because the blood is the life, and you must not eat the life with the meat.” The life is in the blood and this is what carries the fear or the trauma, not the flesh, and this is why it states never eat or drink of the blood. It was Cain’s blood that cried out from the earth in Genesis 4:10, “The LORD said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.” This is why I take all my meat well done.

Ms. Vegan: That is a very great point, but the meat is dead flesh and still injected with hormones as well as the inhumane treatment of the animals that transfers into the hearts and minds of the populace. People go to jail for fighting two pit bulls against one another, but don’t go to jail for the cruel and inhumane treatment of the animals we eat. Now, what kind of sense does that make? A diet of dead things will equal death and disease, and a diet mainly of living fruits and vegetables equals life and vitality.

HTGTMOYD: Honey, that’s why in the Old Testament they always had sacrificial offerings on the altar – nothing more than a modern day BBQ! Now, do you want some ribs?

Ace, 34 years on the planet: I can tell right off that the Vajajay tastes better if she is a vegan because of that natural stuff in her body. On the real, you know what they say: “the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.” It’s like Skittles.

Tyler, 29 years on the planet: I would think, having never dealt with a vegetarian, that if she is constantly eating vegetables and fruits, why wouldn’t she taste better as opposed to a person who consumes meat and dairy? That stuff creates yeast infections.

Darron, 45+ years on the planet: You would think vegan because they are more conscious of their health and body, but sexually, I really don’t have enough experience to make a judgment. However, I do believe a fit vegan is dangerous in the bed — she will go until tomorrow because all her blood is circulating! But not all vegans are in shape.

Joshua, 33 years on the planet: If a woman does not care about what she is eating and putting into her body, then she doesn’t care about herself as a whole. To that extent, if you are constantly eating that way and don’t love your body, then how can you truly love someone else? If you are not nurturing yourself, there is a spiritual disconnect between you, your body, your man, and your creator. So I would say vegans do it better because they are more in tune to their bodies.

Nina, 21 years on the planet: I don’t know because I’ve never dated a vegan, but now I’m curious!

Kirk, 61 years on the planet: I really don’t know, which in itself is interesting and surprising. Our eating habits have evolved so much in such a short amount of time. Thanks to the internet, we are in a quickening, and information is spreading quickly at an all time high.

Maria, 40+ years on the planet: I live in Southern Maryland so unfortunately I do not know any vegans.

HTGTMOYD: It’s very interesting to realize that in some parts of American, veganism is practically non-existent. So Maria says meat eaters do it better.

My conclusion? The consensus is that vegans have better sex than meat eaters. Most agree that the fluids a vegan produces would taste better, and that their bodies in general would be more responsive since they are more in tune with and conscious of their bodies. As a result, vegans will better lovers. Eating healthier food increases blood flow and energy and therefore sexual vitality, and to say the least, the vegan I dated for 10+ years never got tired of having sex – no matter what time of day, she was ready to go!

Editor’s note: I’m a vegan, so I have to agree! 😉

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