What is the Best Way for a Man to Rekindle the Love in his Relationship

couple sharing a cup of coffee,You’ve been seeing one another for awhile now. There is no doubt that you both love one another. But….you have to admit to yourself that there is a problem or issue which has arisen.

You’ve noticed something has changed because things are not going so well and you can both feel it. The conversation feels a bit strained and contrived. Something feels amiss. She’s not laughing so much at your jokes anymore. She doesn’t smile at you the same way she did in the beginning of the relationship. Your kisses are not creating the same reaction of passion in her as they once did. You feel confused because you know she loves you and you love her. The relationship is definitely worth saving.

When you reflect upon it, you now realize that your relationship just needs some romantic rekindling. First of all you should relax your worries. This happens periodically in long-time relationships and it’s perfectly normal. Imagine in your mind a fire in your fireplace. At first it’s a roaring blaze. And then throughout the evening you just have to re-adjust the logs a bit to do some fire rekindling. And that’s just the nature of fires burning. And the same applies to love relationships. The good news is that there are some very simple steps you can take to re-align your relationship and reignite those heated passions of love!

In order to fix this you’ll need to know the reason(s) why this has occurred. And, in order to do this, you must first do some deep thinking and some honest talking with her about the ways the relationship has been playing out recently. So then, from this base of information, you can take the appropriate action(s) needed to avert any potential romance calamity and keep your true romance alive.

Some of the chief reasons women give as to why they feel unloved in their relationships include: a lack of attentiveness, a lack of spontaneity, a lack of a partner’s willingness to grow as a person, a lack of intimate foreplay, a lack of respect.

Actions You Can Take:

Be Attentive to Her

This means you’ve got to pay attention and observe the details. While men don’t care so much for details, it is often different for women. A woman needs to feel that the details of her life are very interesting to the man she loves. This is very exciting to women. This gives them the feeling they need of connection to their man.

You can take note of specific things in her life and then remember them. The earrings she wears, her favorite perfume, her favorite song, the new career path she’s working on and so on. And, if you can quote something back to her that she said…that means you are listening which is also super important to women as well, and something else which shows your attentiveness. If you don’t know details about her, you should be asking her questions and then you should really listen and then you will learn these things about her.

Break Patterns to Create Spontaneity

If you have always gone out on Fridays after work for dinner and a movie then it’s time to switch things up and skip a week and then surprise her with a fun out-door adventure on a different day of the week. Or, if you both always call or text each other at a certain time of the day, then vary the times. And so on. The point here is, to break the often mundane patterns that we as humans can easily fall into. After all, we are creatures of habit in some ways. The reason for this is that we often find comfort in the known and can find discomfort in the unknown. But spontaneous actions can often surprise and delight the heart and mind.

Reflect and Do a Self Inventory to Grow as a Person

Perhaps something has changed with yourself recently. Maybe you lost out on a job you really wanted and so you haven’t been in the best of moods because of it. Maybe you’ve been very busy with the kids and haven’t spent as much quality time just talking and connecting with her as much as you did before. Maybe you’ve been going out with your friends a lot more recently, leaving her sitting at home. The point here is to reflect within yourself to see if there is something you are doing now that isn’t working so good for the relationship. It helps some people if they write down their life’s changes in a journal.

Bring Back Foreplay

Remember that romance is a team sport. Remember that in the beginning of the relationship you likely took time to romance her. Women love when you give them time…and that includes in your intimacy. And, the time-building starts before you get to the bedroom. You can help her with doing the dishes or you can run her a bubble bath. You can sprinkle rose petals over the bed. You can speak softly into her ear. You can tell her why she excites you. You can ask her what foreplay she would especially like from you tonight.

Bring Back Respect

When you first started dating you likely opened the car door for her or said; “Excuse me” when you burped. You may laugh about this but it is often true that these seemingly small things can make a difference in attitude. If you have dropped this politeness, it may reflect to her a lack of respect. This will dampen the passion flames. Although there is a familiarity that comes with love relationships, the respect must always be kept. Figure out what respect means to you and her and keep it alive with intention, attention and actions.

Basically, use the tools above to be observant, creative and pro-active and your relationship will be romantically rekindled!!!

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