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Find Answers to the Most Common Questions about Your Relationships with Women.

Do you ever wonder what makes up a fulfilling and healthy relationship? Why she cares too much … or too little? Why couples fight … and why some don’t? Do you want real, time-tested and unbiased relationship advice? What if you knew exactly what women wanted from relationships? How to Get the Woman of Your Dreams will give you relationship advice and a unique insight into your relationships with women. It all begins here …

What is the Best Way for a Man to Rekindle the Love in his Relationship

You’ve been seeing one another for awhile now. There is no doubt that you both love one another. But….you have to admit to yourself that […]

How Did I Let Her Get Away?

What makes a man think about you years later? Is it his having been so close to having sex with you but never got to […]

What Is The True Origin Of Marriage?

Prepare yourself to be shocked: early marriages were NEVER about love. (What??? Never about love?) It’s fascinating to research the origins of marriage and to […]

Who Will Make The Most Compatible Partner – The Man With or Without Experience?

Having dated a multitude of men both virgins and, well, let’s say a little more experienced in the bedroom, I believe that sexual experience has […]

Learning to be Happy in your Relationship!

Does it seem like no matter what personality you date, your relationships just don’t work out? She always seem so hopeful in the beginning, but […]

What Are Women’s Top 10 Fears About Relationships?

What goes on in those constantly moving minds of women? You know women worry endlessly. If you’re in a relationship with a woman right now, […]

What To Do When Love Does Not Pay The Bills?

Question: did love EVER pay the bills? Answer: no. Love does not, will not, and cannot ever pay the bills. All I can think of […]

Why Are Women So Happy About Getting Married?

Why are women so happy about getting married? Blame it on Barbie and Ken. Or Fred and Wilma. Or Prince Charming. (Sigh) It is the […]

Understanding the Eight Stages of a Long-Term Relationship

Have you ever wondered why so many relationships fail? Perhaps you have experienced the disappointments of a failed relationship between your father and mother, or […]

Part II: What It Means to Make a Good Girlfriend, Fiancé or Wife

You may have heard the saying, “She’s girlfriend material,” or “She’s wife material.” But, honestly, a woman is either girlfriend, fiancé, and wife material, or […]

How Important is Food to a Healthy Relationship?

Food and romance are a complicated pairing. Some foods are aphrodisiacs, whereas others are irritants; you and your partner might follow very different diets; you […]

What does it mean for a woman to be a good wife, fiancé or girlfriend?

The Bible [reference: The Living Bible -Complete Catholic Edition copyright 1972, 1977] states in Proverbs 31 two hardcore realities, first in verses 2 & 3, […]