Understanding Women

Do You Have Difficulty Understanding Women? Do Women Consistently Confuse You?
If you find women to be confusing and hard to understand, meeting the woman of your dreams would be a lot easier if you understood how they feel about commitment, love, fidelity, relationships…and YOU!  How to Get the Woman of Your Dreams will give you relationship advice and an unprecedented understanding of women. It all begins here …

What is the Mysterious Attraction of the Vagina?

As men, we unknowingly spend the greater part of our lives chasing women but perhaps have never wondered why. But why do men spend their […]

What Is a Woman Saying When She Dresses Provocatively?

When a woman wears sexy clothing, chances are that she is wearing the clothes in order to feel good about herself in a number of […]

Do Women Have A Sixth Sense For When Another Woman Is Attracted To Their Man?

Men: have you ever had a girlfriend insist that a certain coworker, friend or other female contact of yours was after you? And were you […]

Do Women Have Egos Like Men?

“The Ego does not know what it is, it just wants what it wants now” – Michael Washburn The only sound is heavy panting emerging […]

Seven Reasons a Woman Doesn’t Listen to a Man

It can be extremely frustrating to feel like your partner doesn’t listen to you. Whether you’re trying to give your partner advice about her own […]

What Makes A Woman Think A Man Will Never Cheat On Her?

If you’re getting involved with a woman who has been cheated on in the past, you’re unfortunately going to have to clean up another man’s […]

What Are The 7 Top Reasons Women Use Men?

It is awful to think that any of my female counterparts would EVER just USE a man for their own agendas … but alas, it […]

What Do Women Really Want At The Club?

For the most part, women go to the club to find a unicorn: something that doesn’t exist. They want to somehow manage to have an […]

How To Become the Man of Her Dreams As Opposed to Getting Stuck in The Friend Zone

Oh, my. I so remember hearing those words too many times – “I just want to be friends.” My little teenage heart would break into […]

Rock What Your Mama Gave You, Girl!

Clothing can reveal a lot about a woman, and the more she’s revealing—that sexy see-through shirt she wears that leave a trail of men sheepishly […]

Do Successful Women Just Want A Man For Their Image, When Behind Closed Doors They Really Like Women?

What a tricky and difficult concept for men to even digest. However, in today’s dating world, it’s much more common than most would like to […]

Understanding How To Move Past The Pitfalls of Dating A Woman With A History Of Bad Relationships

For some women, finding a good man can seem like the hardest thing to imagine, because their history of bad relationships has been so long […]